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Retaining walls add beauty to your landscape. You can use them to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and incorporate seating walls.

Retaining walls can be single, free-standing walls or part of a system of walls. They are designed to hold soil and water inside of them. They can incorporate draining systems to deal with stormwater and drastically reduce erosion. They also serve a practical landscaping purpose by dividing your yard into levels of terracing and landscape beds. A retaining wall will be a strong barrier for your landscaping to hold soil in, deal with stormwater runoff, and give you more room to plant beautiful plants!

Two types of retaining walls, gravity and reinforced. Gravity retaining walls are walls that depend on their own weight and setback to retain the soil and are typically shorter in height. Reinforced retaining walls are walls that use some type of reinforcement to give more strength to the retaining wall structure, thus improving its ability to retain the soils behind it. We refer to this reinforcement as geogrid or grid.

When should a wall be built with structural reinforcement?
We use Geogrid reinforcement for walls that need structural reinforcing.

Walls over 4’ in height should have structural reinforcement and or be engineered depending on soil type and height of the wall.

Can I have curves in my wall?
Yes, you certainly can! Curves, whether they are convex or concave, are a great way to soften the look of your wall.

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