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Another service we offer is decorative engraving.
You could say that engraving is an artistic method of remodeling existing or new surfaces.

We do custom designs that are cut directly into the surface of brick pavers and concrete.

Using a group of precision tools and design template, we are able to create any decorative design you want to achieve. We are able to create geometric patterns, straight or circular lines.

Upon completion, engraved lines are filled with a clear epoxy or a colored stain.

Whether you are looking to incorporate your business logo, names, sports teams or house numbers, Dreamscapes has the specialty tools designed for your specific engraving project.

Can we incorporate stairs into our project?
Yes, they can be straight, curved or sweeping.
Planning for the purpose of the stairs helps in the layout.
Are the stairs made out of the retaining wall block?
Yes, the stair block matches the retaining wall block color. They are 6” risers.

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Dreamscapes Inc. is an ICPI certified installer of interlocking concrete pavement.

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