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Brick pavers give you endless possibilities for creating your outdoor living space.

Patios don’t have to be perfectly straight, add some curves to give a little more texture to your landscape. Hardscaping with brick pavers provides a fluid continuity from your home’s interior to the yard and from your yard to the surrounding landscape. Extra living space and walkways make a backyard safer, more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

What types and colors of pavers are available for my project?
There are many manufacturers of brick pavers, there are multi-pieced systems that come in tumbled and non-tumbled. Tumbled means the pavers are a bit rougher, the edges aren’t smooth whereas the non-tumbled have smooth faces and edges. There are many colors and blends available.
What do you put in the cracks of the pavers?
Outside edges of the patio are held in place with Pave Tech brick edging, and Polymeric sand is placed in the joints of the pavers. Polymeric sand is a fine sand combined with additives that when mixed with water form a binding agent. These binders lock the sand particles together, which helps lock all the pavers together. It improves durability and helps deter weeds.

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